2. April, 2019

What are you working on? Checking in with Peter Bukva

Hi, my name is Peter. I’m a principal software engineer working in the Fetch.AI ledger team.

Currently I’m helping to incorporate the virtual machine into our ledger. This in turn enables our ledger to execute smart contracts and opens the path for us to implement our innovative Synergetic Contracts.

Over the past year my work has spanned across the core development of the ledger. I have been focussing on the design and implementation of the cryptographic features we need in our ledger using low level OpenSSL. There is more work to be done in this field and the team will continue to develop the necessary solutions. These include support for threshold cryptography features on the ledger and preparation for quantum-resistant cryptography. One aspect of this work also includes the transaction formats and how these are passed between various languages and frameworks.

In recent months I have been working on how to enable easy interaction with our ledger across multiple languages. Our Python API is designed to be used for programmatic interaction with our ledger to enable creativity and automation.

I have been driving the development of our mobile and desktop wallet apps from their inception. Wallets are essential for making our ledger testnet accessible for people in a classical sense – enabling monetary operations like transferring funds and checking balances. Maintaining the security of the wallets is essential. One of the key principles behind our design is the idea that it is the wallet, rather than the ledger, that dictates the signature scheme which is used.

Our first version of the wallets have been designed primarily for early adopters and we have placed an emphasis on making them accessible for experimentation. For example, the private key can be copied and pasted in order to allow easy interaction during the development and testing stage. You can check out our wallets for yourself by downloading them from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We are extremely excited about the journey ahead and we have many plans for our wallet apps. These include preparing them for the launch of the mainnet by the end of the year and adding cool new features such as the creation and handling of multisig wallets and transactions.

Over the coming months we plan to demonstrate a number of interesting use cases. Following the successful recent launch of our wallets on mobile applications, we will continue to develop more advanced software such as biometrically enabled hardware wallets. These are currently in development and we are looking forward to sharing more details with you about these wallets in a tutorial on our community site soon.


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