19. September, 2018

Machine Learning Specialist Khan Baykaner joins Fetch.AI

Fetch.AI are pleased to announce the arrival of another member of our team. Khan Baykaner is joining us as a Senior Software Engineer.

Khan graduated from the University of Surrey in 2014 with a doctorate from the institute of sound recording, where he developed computational models of auditory perception. During this time he gained an interest in machine learning and this led to him accept a position as a research associate at University College London. Here, he developed machine learning models for predicting fatigue and cognitive load using only vocal features.

From 2015 onwards Khan worked for Nokia Technologies as a senior research engineer and machine learning team lead. At Nokia he developed deep learning applications in digital health, audio/video media and NLP. Projects included developing robust deep reinforcement learning models for behaviour change, managing neural networks in trusted execution environments and developing classifiers with customised word embeddings for adverse drug event discovery.  In total, 10 patent applications were filed as a result of these projects.

At Fetch Khan will use his programming skills and machine learning knowledge to connect the distributed ledger and the machine learning applications, improving network optimisation and agent interaction.


St. John's Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road,

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