7. June, 2019

Honda and General Motors join Fetch.AI in Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative

  • Major car manufacturers join BMW, Ford, Fetch.AI and other international businesses in the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative
  • Fetch.AI’s innovative technology sees them deploy an award-winning real-world prototype of electrical vehicle technology

Fetch.AI is excited to be joined by Honda and General Motors in the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). MOBI is a smart mobility consortium that brings together car manufacturing giants and forward-thinking companies to deploy blockchain and related technologies to make mobility safer, greener, cheaper and more accessible for everyone.

In May last year, MOBI was founded by leading car manufacturers including BMW, Ford and Renault in collaboration with technology companies such as Fetch.AI, Bosch and IBM. The aim is to revolutionise the transport sector using blockchain technology.

Fetch.AI is looking forward to exploring the opportunities of working together with new partners to utilise the technology we have built so far to develop more real-world deployments. Alongside Bosch, T-Labs (the R&D unit of Deutsche Telekom) and Share&Charge, Fetch.AI won first place at the Trusted IoT Alliance Smart E-Mobility Challenge. The entry, titled ‘My Easy Charge’, combines the intelligence of Fetch.AI autonomous economic agents with distributed ledger technology and peer-to-peer communication to enable seamless charging and settlement. This technology enables personalised experiences that save drivers and charging point operators time and money. You can watch the video summarising the winning entry below, or learn more about the technology here.

You can watch the video summarising the winning entry below, or learn more about the technology here.

Such innovations will have a powerful real-world impact, but to be adopted successfully they must be truly scalable and easy to implement. The design of Fetch.AI’s network makes it uniquely equipped to do that, enabling IoT devices to exchange knowledge and value across the globe. According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 20 billion IoT devices around the world and Fetch.AI will enable decentralised searches of these IoT devices.

JP Morgan predicts that the number of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles sold annually will rise significantly in the coming years, reaching 8.4 million vehicles by 2025. Fetch.AI is already demonstrating how blockchain technology, combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, can benefit both businesses and drivers of electric vehicles. Fetch.AI received an honourable mention in the Best Application System Demo category at AAMAS — the most influential conference in the area of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems.

You can view the demo, showing the advantages of empowering autonomous agents to communicate, below. The video illustrates how a car’s agent will communicate with agents of nearby charging stations to find the best charging station to stop at. This assessment is based upon the time it will take to get to the station, the wait time at the station and the distance from the station to the destination. This process of inter-agent communication drastically reduces wait times at the charging stations, helping drivers reach their destination faster and more efficiently.

The advancement in technology is allowing us to reshape the way we live. Fetch.AI is leading the charge to shape the digital economy of things. Collaborations, such as those with members of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, ensure Fetch.AI is well placed to deliver its vision.


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