8. April, 2019

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #030 – A new US office, how agents navigate and empower IoT devices

Hello from the Fetch.AI team,

It’s been another busy week as we announce that our lead research scientist, Marcin Abram, is overseas setting up our US office. To find out what Marcin has been up to over the last month, read his letter from America.

One of the many projects Marcin has been working on is a new case study to show how Fetch.AI’s unique platform can help to build a smart city. Using machine learning algorithms, autonomous agents can actively reduce congestion and optimise route planning and parking.

A vehicle recognition system implemented by Fetch.AI

If you’re looking for more brilliant weekend reading to get your teeth into, check out our CTO’s blog on the
Decentralised Digital World of the Future. In this, Toby explains three ways in which Fetch.AI’s autonomous agents can navigate and make sense of their space in order to find what they want, or to deliver what they have.

BTCManager caught up with Toby to get a better understanding of how Fetch.AI can empower IoT devices with economic agency. To read the full interview click here.

In another exclusive interview, Coin Rivet spoke to Toby and Fetch.AI CEO Humayun to better understand the Fetch.AI vision for a smarter future. Read the interview here.

This week we caught up with principal software engineer Peter Bukva about what he is working on. Read all about how Peter is helping to incorporate the virtual machine into our ledger and how this will enable it to execute smart contracts.

On Friday, Fetch.AI’s Head of Cryptography, David Galindo, discussed the Future of Blockchain at the University of Southern California, as part of the Second International Symposium on Foundations and Applications of Blockchain 2019.

David discussing the Future of Blockchain at the University of Southern California

This week we also welcomed Chris Murray to the team. Chris’ extensive DevOps experience will help Fetch.AI to solve the challenges that building a new digital economy will bring. Find out more about Chris here.


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