2. April, 2019

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #029 – NPA, the convergence stack and the future of Fetch.AI

Hello from the Fetch.AI team,

It’s been an app-solutely brilliant week with the release of the Network Participation App on the Google Play Store. Now you can build, deploy and monitor autonomous economic agents using drag and drop and earn test FET tokens to use on the testnet.

Also released this week, a tutorial showing you how to create a working agent that can represent, advertise and deliver data on the testnet and our second benchmarking blog post which focuses on Single Lane Performance.

On Thursday, Fetch.AI CTO Toby Simpson participated in a live webinar with Outlier Ventures and Sovrin to demonstrate ANVIL: a decentralised, machine-readable solution that allows individuals and businesses to seamlessly prove their credentials within the infrastructure of Fetch.AI’s digital world. ANVIL helps us move a step closer to delivering the IoT economy of the future through the use of our Autonomous Economic Agents. Watch the full webinar below:

Friday saw the launch of a trading competition from Binance with 400,000 FET in prizes up for grabs.

We caught up with Diarmid a senior software engineer who is working on simulating scenarios showing how Fetch.AI can bring value to people. Read the full post here.

Also this week Fetch.AI CEO Humayun spoke to ICO Analytics about fundraising, the role of digital assets, competitors and outcomes from 2018 and the future of Fetch.AI. Read the full interview here.

Finally we are pleased to welcome this week machine learning enthusiast Jiří Vestfál and video and graphics content creator Jay Loe. Read more about how both Jiří and Jay will help bring Fetch.AI’s vision of a decentralised digital economy to life. If you’re passionate about programming and keen to get involved check out our careers page.


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