28. August, 2018

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #003 – Whitelist is OPEN and our first code release

Hello from the busy offices of Fetch.AI.

If you haven’t heard already, the big news this week is that our whitelist is now live. The whitelist announcement is something we have been building up to for a long time and we are delighted it is finally underway. You can sign up on our website’s homepage https://fetch.ai by clicking the whitelist link. We intend to hold an ICO later in the year, with contributions to be collected in ETH only. For full details about the announcement, please read the press release on our blog.

As promised, we have also released some of the code for our scalable ledger for the first time and we have continued to recruit new members of staff.

Alongside this, we published our blue paper about the Fetch token which will be the key method of value exchange in Fetch’s digital world. More information about the token can be found here.

Two days before the whitelist opened, we made the first of many code releases. This release concerns the Remote Procedure Call infrastructure and transaction processing which is core to the ledger’s functionality. Soon we will be unveiling further code releases which will be focused on the peer-to-peer infrastructure. For now though, you can take a look at the code we have released so far by visiting our profile page on GitHub. This code is by no means the final article, but, as always, we were keen to keep you updated on the things we have been working on.

On Thursday evening we held our first meetup in Berlin, focusing on the capabilities of our unique, scalable smart ledger. We had an excellent time in Berlin and we thank those who attended as it was great to meet you. As usual, the recording of the meetup will be shared on our Twitter, Telegram and YouTube accounts in the coming days.

As a reminder, we have other meetups planned for the next few weeks. You can catch us in:

30 August, 18:30-20:30
Introducing the Fetch Virtual Machine & decentralised algorithms
We Work Matropool Weesperstraat 61-105, Amsterdam 
Join us to learn about:
*The Fetch Virtual Machine and its custom language
*Smart Contracts on Fetch and how they differ to Ethereum
*How to design, write, deploy and earn rewards from running ML and AI algorithms on Fetch
*New Fetch partnerships in this area

04 September, 18:30-20:30
Developing Fetch agents & the Fetch economic model
WeWork 100 University Avenue, Toronto, M5J 1V6
Join us to learn about:
*The Fetch.AI economic model and value exchange within the system
*How developers of Autonomous Agents can create value
*How the Useful Proof of Work consensus mechanism creates value for the network
*The incentivisation model for various participants in the Fetch network

05 September, 18:30-20:30
An introduction to decentralised AI & ML with Fetch.AI
WeWork 20 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL
Join us to learn about:
*What Fetch is: Scalable Smart Ledger, Massive Digital World, Autonomous Economic Agents
*How Fetch is being deployed to improve industries such as Energy, Automotive, Transport and Healthcare
*Our unique vision for a decentralised and collective approach to AI & ML where algorithms and models are shared for collective benefit

+ San Francisco, coming soon…

This week we were pleased to welcome Senior Research Scientist Patrick Motylinski as part of the team at Fetch. Patrick holds a PhD in theoretical high energy physics from the University of Amsterdam and has several highly cited peer-reviewed scientific publications to his name. Read more about Patrick.

Finally, our Chief Technology Officer, Toby Simpson, has written a blog post explaining his passion for the Fetch.AI project. In the article, Toby explains how Fetch’s network can change the way we live.

These are exciting times at Fetch and we are delighted you are with us for the journey.

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