20. August, 2018

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #002 – A new website and discussing this week’s events at Fetch

Welcome again to another busy week at Fetch.AI. We’ve got new starters, a new website and held a second successful meetup in London.

Thanks to everyone who came to our meetup in Aldwych House. If you were unable to attend, the full-length video is here:

At the meetup, Cheif Technology Officer Toby Simpson announced the roadmap plan for the months ahead. Within the next week, sections of the ledger source code will be released for testing. In the next fortnight, we will also be publishing the Consensus and Useful Proof of Work white paper and granting access to an increasingly large private test network.

Later this year we will be giving people the opportunity to design, build and test Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) using Fetch’s virtual machine and share their feedback by accessing a new community section of our website.

Further information about our long-term plans can be found on our blog post from the evening, which you can read here on our updated website which we launched earlier today.

As a reminder, we have other meetups planned for the next few weeks. You can catch us in:


23 August18:30-20:30
Deep dive on the Fetch scalable smart ledger
WeWork Atrium Tower, Eichhornstraße 3 Berlin 10785

Join us to learn about:

*Brand new release of the Smart Ledger code
*The ledger’s architecture
*How it integrates with other parts of the Fetch system
*The ledger’s consensus model


30 August18:30-20:30
Introducing the Fetch Virtual Machine & decentralised algorithms
We Work Matropool Weesperstraat 61-105, Amsterdam

Join us to learn about:

*The Fetch Virtual Machine and its custom language
*Smart Contracts on Fetch and how they differ to Ethereum
*How to design, write, deploy and earn rewards from running ML and AI algorithms on Fetch
*New Fetch partnerships in this area


04 September18:30-20:30
Developing Fetch agents & the Fetch economic model
WeWork 100 University Avenue, Toronto, M5J 1V6

Join us to learn about:

*The Fetch.AI economic model and value exchange within the system
*How developers of Autonomous Agents can create value
*How the Useful Proof of Work consensus mechanism creates value for the network
*The incentivisation model for various participants in the Fetch network


05 September18:30-20:30
An introduction to decentralised AI & ML with Fetch.AI
WeWork 20 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL

Join us to learn about:

*What Fetch is: Scalable Smart Ledger, Massive Digital World, Autonomous Economic Agents
*How Fetch is being deployed to improve industries such as Energy, Automotive, Transport and Healthcare
*Our unique vision for a decentralised and collective approach to AI & ML where algorithms and models are shared for collective benefit

+ San Francisco, coming soon…

You can sign-up for these events, and many more besides, by joining our Meetup group here.

We’re picking up momentum and it feels like we pass another milestone every day.  To maintain this, we’ve been recruiting more top class talent. Our latest recruit is Patrick Olden, who joins us as a Blockchain Research Engineer. You can read more about him here.

Earlier this week we were also delighted to announce our new partnership with wi-Q Technologies. The agreement marks the first public roll-out of our AEAs. As such, wi-Q Technologies will become the first hospitality technology company to develop its own agent.  Further information about the partnership can again be found on our rapidly developing blog.

Thanks for reading all that we’ve been up to.



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