24. May, 2019

Fetch.AI Community Newsletter (20–24 May)


Here is Fetch.AI’s community newsletter covering the week commencing 20 May. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Highlight of the week


Fetch.AI co-founders, CEO Humayun Sheikh, CTO Toby Simpson and CSO Thomas Hain participated in a live AMA on Thursday.

They answered questions from the community on a range of topics including staking, token distribution and quantum computing.

Also outlined were some of our plans for the weeks ahead, including clues about the commercial applications we are developing and the creation of a bounty programme. Watch the full Q&A below:

Technology update
  • – Progressed on modelling stakes, block rewards and transaction fees
  • – Planned OEF search pieces

Community news

🏆 AAMAS honourable mention

We received an honourable mention in the best application system demo category at AAMAS19.

Ali Hosseini and Marco Favorito from the research team presented our demo showing how peer-to-peer negotiation can optimise electric vehicle journeys:

Fetch.AI autonomous agents optimise electric vehicle journeys

BTC-ECHO interview

Head of software Troels Rønnow spoke to BTC-ECHO about how Fetch.AI’s smart ledgers and autonomous agents interact to deliver a searchable IoT.

Catching up with Attila from our development team
Decentralised searches are performed by Fetch.AI’s autonomous agents within our unique Open Economic Framework (OEF).

Software engineer Attila Bagoly, part of the OEF team at Fetch.AI, explains how autonomous agents find and communicate with each other.

Catching up with David from our research team
Computational economics researcher, David Minarsch, gave an exclusive insight into the trading agent competition we are developing.

He also explained how we are building the framework to enable Fetch.AI agents to work autonomously to achieve their objectives.

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