21. June, 2019

Fetch.AI — Community Newsletter (17–21 June)

Here is Fetch.AI’s community newsletter for the week commencing 17 June. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Highlight of the week

Fetch.AI staking model and programme
The wait is over. Here is everything you need to know about staking and incentives for the Fetch.AI Ledger.

New to staking? Fetch.AI’s head of research Jonathan Ward gives an overview of staking to answer your questions, including:

🤔 What is staking?
⚖️ Why is Proof-of-Stake better than Proof-of-Work?
💰 How much can you earn from staking FET tokens?

Upcoming events

Agent Hackathon 0x01; (14–28 June, Online, Worldwide)
Our first hackathon is under way and the submissions portal is now open! We invite you to imagine and build agents that help demonstrate Fetch.AI’s potential. Get started with our ’agent-simple’ template and send us your submission by 28 June for your chance to win. For support with your entry, email us at [email protected] to join our Slack channel.

Agent Hackathon 0x02; (17 July, Cambridge, UK)
Our second hackathon centres around the scenario of an upcoming music festival. Through lottery, the festival organisers randomly allocate tickets to autonomous agents representing people who are going to the festival. It is then up to the agents to trade bilaterally with each other to get the best combination of tickets for the people they represent according to their preference. We want you to design the agents best suited to achieving this goal. More information and the opportunity to register coming soon.

Bounty program (9 July)
Exciting news! Our soon-to-be-shared bounty program will include both à la carte and rolling reward bounties. Watch this space 👀

The Fetch.AI Ambassador Programme (July)
Our ambassador programme is a way for supporters and enthusiasts to be a grander part of the Fetch.AI vision. You’ll talk to the team (in conference calls and in person), get access to all sorts of goodies (including a load of secret advance stuff), represent and help us develop our future, plus everything below and more:

○ Exclusive, first-to-know information
○Fly the Fetch.AI flag in development, community, vision, content and more
○ Opportunities to represent Fetch.AI at meetups and events
○ A ton of ways to earn FET tokens
○ Loads of gorgeous Fetch.AI swag 👕 ☕ 🧢

If you’re interested in becoming a Fetch.AI ambassador, email us at [email protected]

Technology update

○ The ledger team have been working on integrating the Synergetic Contracts, which we will be previewing in more detail in the upcoming release.

○ The Open Economic Framework (OEF) team have been supporting the White Night Hackathon in Russia this week as well improving the deployment and performance of the OEF-Search component.

This week, excluding merges, 11 authors have pushed 21 commits to the main branch and 38 commits to all branches.

On the main branch, 384 files have changed and there have been 7,051 additions and 3,916 deletions. See all updates.

Community news

White Night Hackathon
The winners of the White Night Hackathon were announced this week in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The judges included Fetch.AI head of software engineering Troels Frimodt Rønnow, head of T-Labs John Calian and Jolocom chief executive Joachim Lohkamp.

We had a great couple of days working together to support developers building innovative mobility solutions using our intelligent blockchain technology.

Troels in St. Petersburg at White Night Hackathon


David Minarsch was in Cagliari in Italy this week for the annual Coalition of Automated Legal Applications (Coala) meeting to learn from peers and discuss governance of distributed systems like Fetch.AI. Such activities help to make sure we’re ready for when Fetch.AI goes mainstream.

New additions to the team
This week Jonathan Winch joined us as an IT systems administrator and Bart Centlewski started working for us as a DevOps/senior IT engineer.

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals. If you would like to work with us, please visit our careers page or email us at [email protected]

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