27. August, 2018

Fetch.AI – An introduction

This introductory video to Fetch.AI outlines our ambitious vision for the future.  Fetch is an artificial intelligence and digital economics company which believes that by liberating data we can enable technology to work much more effectively. 

We are surrounded by disconnected data and unwieldy infrastructure.  Fetch believes data should be decentralised in a secure and trusted environment.  This will allow individuals to own their data, to monetise it and, in turn, be able to gain access to data that would benefit them.  Decentralising data will be to everyone’s advantage, simplifying lives and providing solutions to an almost unlimited number of problems.  Businesses will be able to drastically improve efficiencies by analysing data in ways that have never before been possible. 

After introducing terms such as the Open Economic Framework and Autonomous Economic Agents, the video includes some of the practical uses this technology will have on the transport and energy sectors.


St. John's Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road,

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