15. August, 2018

Fetch.AI agrees partnership with wi-Q Technologies

We are delighted to announce that the leading experts in mobile ordering in the hospitality sector, wi-Q Technologies, will be collaborating as partners with Fetch.AI.  

This unique partnership marks the first public roll-out of Fetch’s Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs).  As such, wi-Q Technologies will become the first hospitality technology company to develop its own AEA within Fetch’s decentralised digital world.  The collective intelligence of our Open Economic Framework will enable the AEA to become an expert in all things hospitality, feeding personalised recommendations to the traveller or venue via wi-Q Technologies’ mobile ordering and experience platforms.

Using artificial intelligence, the AEA will work autonomously to boost revenue for wi-Q Technologies. It will recommend products to customers based upon a host of variables such as the temperature or time of day, other events taking place or the customer’s historic preferences. It will also dramatically improve operational efficiencies. Real-time models that predict consumer demand will be accessible to improve stock and staff management.

For customers, the technology will allow them to arrive at a hotel and be presented with a truly personalised set of recommendations for additional services, straight to their mobile.  This will not be based solely on their own personal preferences, but on intelligence developed by the network about the wider context of ongoing events.

One of the many tasks Fetch’s agents could accomplish is to upsell a late check-out based on the amount of alcohol ordered by the guest the day before.  They would also be aware of major sporting or cultural events being held nearby. Consequently, the agent would offer products it knows people are more likely to select, such as a halal meal during Hajj, or perhaps burgers during football tournaments.

Time to get the burgers in?

Toby Simpson, Co-Founder and CTO of Fetch.AI said: “We offer a completely new means to deliver practical AI that makes an impact today. Why should it be that only the giant internet companies are able to develop algorithms based on their proprietary data silos? With Fetch we provide an alternative model that puts the power back in the hands of the asset-owning businesses, whether they’re hotels, airlines, taxi companies or indeed any other. Our unique ‘Smart Ledger’ provides a decentralised means of deploying AI algorithms via agents that act and transact autonomously.”

wi-Q Technologies’ digital platforms are deployed in hostels, restaurants and cinemas around the world.  The company’s Founder and Managing Director, Graham Cornhill, believes hospitality technology is rapidly evolving.  He said: “The capability and usability that the partnership with Fetch will deliver is incredible and will give any hospitality venue a valuable competitive advantage that we couldn’t have imagined even two years ago. This is a game-changer for the industry, and we expect demand to be high.”


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