6. September, 2018

Associate Professor David Galindo joins Fetch.AI

The team at Fetch.AI continues to expand. We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the company is David Galindo, who joins as Lead Cryptography Engineer.

David is an Associate Professor in Computer Security at the University of Birmingham.  He is an applied cryptography researcher with 15 years of experience in academic and industry settings.

David’s research is in the interplay of mathematics and computer science, more precisely in cryptographic protocols for security, and its application to solve practical problems. So far, his main research contributions have involved the design, analysis and deployment of cryptographic primitives and protocols.

Recently he contributed to a review of the theoretical foundations at the core of the main definitions of privacy and verifiability/auditability of electronic voting.  His work in this field was published in the flagship security conference IEEE Security and Privacy. David has co-designed novel public key and identity-based encryption schemes as well as advanced electronic voting systems.  This work was published in the ACM CCS and ESORICS conferences.

Some of David’s research work has been implemented in live political elections in Australia and Switzerland.  The system used in Switzerland is one of the very few examples of non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs used outside of cryptocurrencies.  He has had further impact in industry by contributing to the certification and audit of cryptographic protocols using symbolic and cryptographic computational methods.

David’s expertise in cryptography will be an asset at Fetch and we are delighted to have him on board.


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