20. August, 2018

Another milestone passed: the first code release

We are pleased to announce Fetch has made the first of many code releases. As we continue to make progress, we are thrilled for you to join us on this journey.

Today we have released our initial scalable ledger concept. This code release focuses on the Remote Procedure Call infrastructure and transaction processing which is core to the ledger.

Soon we will be unveiling further code releases which will be focused on the peer-to-peer infrastructure. We’re also currently developing the first version of our virtual machine, which will power Fetch’s smart contract language. This is the programming language which is used inside the ledger and allows agents to communicate and transfer data between each other.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks we will be publishing the first version of Fetch’s Useful Proof of Work (uPoW) whitepaper. This will outline how our smart ledger will achieve consensus and how the nodes in the network will able to perform useful tasks including verifying blocks to earn token rewards. In due course, an integrated version of this will be released.

The code we have released today is by no means the final article. However, we were keen to share with the community the things we have been working on. We are very excited by it and we hope you are too.



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