2. October, 2018

Fetch.AI Weekly newsletter #008 – Conference season

Hello from the Fetch.AI team,

We’ve been hitting the road this week, talking with investors, collaborators and members of the media about our project. In the office we’ve been busy too; we have continued to manage the ongoing whitelisting process and we’ve delivered a new code release.

On Tuesday Fetch travelled to Oslo to speak at the Blockchain Summit as part of the city’s innovation week. Chief Technology Officer Toby Simpson was on a panel discussing the energy efficiency of blockchains and why our unique useful Proof of Work (μPoW) concept represents such a major step forward.

Toby shares ideas at the Blockchain Summit in Oslo

The following day, we attended Blockchain Live, a large exhibition event in London. Our Commercialisation and Marketing Director Arthur Meadows spoke on a panel debating how blockchain technology will disrupt the energy sector. We believe the capability of our Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) to share knowledge in real-time as part of a dynamic marketplace will be a vital asset as energy tariffs become increasingly fluid. After lunch, Chief Executive Humayun Sheikh and Machine Learning Lead Jonathan Ward gave a presentation about the revolutionary impact Fetch’s digital world will have on the supply chain. You can read more about the day here.

Jon and Humayun stand proudly beside our logo at Blockchain Live

On Thursday we attended the Cambridge Wireless Technology and Engineering Conference. In addition to sponsoring the event, we took the opportunity to present our vision to leading industry experts. Arthur explained why an AI-driven approach to user and network optimisation is the missing piece of tomorrow’s economy – and why we believe we are perfectly placed to deliver this.

Arthur addressing the audience at Cambridge Wireless

We brought the working week to a close by attending two further conferences. The first was the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association conference in London, which focussed on emerging technology. Humayun outlined our desire to optimise the vast array of data we generate as a society, by establishing a digital world in which AEAs can interact. A little later, Arthur spoke at the Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium. Along with the rest of the panel, he was challenged to re-imagine the future of the automotive supply chain.

The week began though with our second code release. This included bug fixes and major improvements of the P2P layer. Please take a look at the code and let us know what you think. As ever, you can get in touch with us on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Reddit. Alternatively, send us an email. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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